How to measure the success of your bought Instagram followers?

Instagram is one such platform where we all want to be popular and have a massive following. However, building a strong presence on Instagram does not happen overnight. Many people tend to take shortcuts by buy Instagram likes monthly to improve their credibility and gain popularity quickly.  You have a high engagement rate if you wish to have a successful Instagram account. Buy followers are useless if they don’t generate engagement (likes, comments, shares). The engagement rate helps showcase how many people are genuinely interested in your content and willing to engage with it. Your ultimate goal should be to have organic engagement from actual users who are interested in what you offer rather than just bots or fake accounts that do nothing for your brand. To calculate the engagement rate on any post or page:

Engagement Rate= (Likes + Comments + Shares) / Followers x 100%

Follower retention refers to how many of your bought followers stick around after purchasing them. If you lose most of those purchased followers within a short period, chances are they were likely bots or fake accounts that got banned by Instagram’s algorithm. This action can lead to penalization from the platform or even get your account banned altogether. Therefore, buy genuine and active accounts from reputable sellers who guarantee long-term retention rates before investing money into buying them. The primary goal of any business is to generate leads and sales. Instagram should be used for marketing by converting followers into customers. Therefore, one way to measure the success of buying Instagram Followers from Famoid is by tracking the number of sales or leads generated through your account.

Buying followers in the first place is to generate revenue, so having many followers that do not generate revenue defeats the purpose. You need to ensure that your purchased followers are converting into paying customers before investing in them. Brand awareness is another metric that determines how successful your purchased Instagram followers are. The more people know about your brand, the higher chances they’ll become potential customers or refer others to you. A large following creates an impression that people love what you do, leading to more organic followers and engagement rates on your page. In addition, having a massive following can also help boost brand recognition beyond social media platforms. Instagram followers can also get collaborations with influencers within their niche when they have a large following. Influencers tend to work with accounts that influence their audience since it helps increase their reach and credibility too. Therefore, if you buy genuine Instagram Followers who engage with your content regularly, you open up an opportunity for influencer collaborations which can help promote healthy growth for both parties involved.

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